Gene Jensen 

(AKA- Fluke Master)

I am a fisherman.
It's not merely something that I do.
It is who I am. Fishing is not simply my escape. It is where I am supposed to be.
It is not a place that I go. But a lifelong journey I am taking.  It is a passage that was shown to me, and that I will continue to show to others. When you understand all of this you will then know me...And we will fish together.

Rod Designer and Builder

Tom Carroll 

Tom is the owner and operator of a custom rod manufacturing company called Cherry Log Rods. He has been in this game for over 15 years. His understanding of carbon fiber and graphite rivals or surpasses everyone I know in the business. Come and hear him speak about rod building and various designs of rods to help deepen your understanding of rod choice.

O'Neill Outside

Oneill Williams has had 36 wonderful seasons of Oneill Outside on TV and hosts a radio show. His vast experience in using, developing, and sharing outdoor information gives him a unique perspective. Come an sit at the feet of a Georgia Giant in the industry and learn.

Find his stuff here:

Ray Mitchell

 I am a member of B.A.S.S. since 1972 (now a lifetime member). I am a member of and the founder of, Clayton County Bassmasters (now retired). I have won many club tournaments and numerous money tournaments around the state. I have been a member of the Edge Lures Fishing Team and the Bass Federation Nation. While I don’t fish as many tournaments as I used to, I am still active in the sport.